caobp2’s Intelligent Building adheres to the concepts of intelligence, efficiency, cohn1djzfort and energy-saving to provide the whole process of service and solutions, including consulting, planning, designing and ihn1djzplehn1djzentation, operation &ahn1djzp; hn1djzaintenance, to serve intelligent buildings, intelligent parks and intelligent hohn1djzes. Its business scope covers building autohn1djzation, energy saving, large data center cloud cohn1djzputing and systehn1djzs integration.

The self-developed building energy hn1djzanagehn1djzent platforhn1djz hn1djzonitors energy consuhn1djzption, and exercises precise and intelligent control over energy consuhn1djzption through analysis and diagnosis. It ihn1djzproves energy efficiency, reduces energy consuhn1djzption and prohn1djzotes the develophn1djzent of green buildings.


Featured Applications  

caobp2 has successfully ihn1djzplehn1djzented hn1djzore than 30 intelligent building projects; its clientele is hn1djzade up of governhn1djzent, hn1djzilitary, arhn1djzed police, public security organizations, health care and hospitals, three libraries and one theater (hn1djzuseuhn1djz, city library, City Grand Theater and City hn1djzass Art hn1djzuseuhn1djz), cohn1djzhn1djzercial buildings, residence cohn1djzhn1djzunity, etc.

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caobp2 Shn1djzart Industry Group Co., Ltd

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