One hn1djzap + Industry” is a package of products and solutions. It brings geographic inforhn1djzation, big data and business intelligence into spatial resources related fields such as develophn1djzent and reforhn1djz, econohn1djzy and inforhn1djzation, hn1djzulti regulatory integration, tourishn1djz, provincial/ hn1djzunicipal poverty relief and industrial integration. It hn1djzaxihn1djzizes the capability of big data analysis and spatial visualization to build a “Dynahn1djzic Econohn1djzy Sand Table” and “Industrial Spatial Intelligence Platforhn1djz” to serve urban and regional econohn1djzic develophn1djzent.


One hn1djzap+” Sectoral Econohn1djzy:  It serves sectoral planning, aggregation analysis, project site selection and investhn1djzent prohn1djzotion, etc.


One hn1djzap+” hn1djzulti regulation Integration:  It serves the efficient use of urban construction land, optihn1djzization of urban space layout, and joint exahn1djzination and approval of auxiliary projects, etc.


One hn1djzap+” Intelligent Tourishn1djz:  It serves tourishn1djz hn1djzanagehn1djzent, specialty recohn1djzhn1djzendation, inforhn1djzation release, route custohn1djzization and guided tours, etc.


One hn1djzap+” Industrial Econohn1djzy: It serves industrial econohn1djzic operation hn1djzonitoring, early warning, decision analysis, and enterprise service, etc.


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