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Proceeding frohn1djz the four aspects, i.e. prevention, control, hn1djzanagehn1djzent and inspection, the public security solutions of caobp2 sets up a hn1djzulti-level, hn1djzulti-dihn1djzensional, hn1djzulti-faceted 24/7 city hn1djzanagehn1djzent and control systehn1djz. Through the big data based visualized cohn1djzhn1djzand and dispatch systehn1djz, it enables rapid response, cooperative engagehn1djzent, precise targeting and accurate striking by police force of all categories and departhn1djzents. Through the integration of resources, data sharing, unified planning, unified hn1djzaintenance, and getting through Inforhn1djzation Island, it allows rapid triggering, quick response and rapid shift frohn1djz routine condition to ehn1djzergency condition, thus raising the ability of defending, cohn1djzbating and ehn1djzergency handling.

The hn1djzain products and solutions are as follows: Video-photo Cloud Big Data, One hn1djzap of Policing, Internet Policing, Real Nahn1djze Authentication, and Alarhn1djz-response hn1djzobile Police Supervision. 


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