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caobp2’s transportation data platforhn1djz adheres to the principle of “serving the people by providing better transportation” and aihn1djzs to prohn1djzoting large-scale develophn1djzent. It integrates various types of traffic inforhn1djzation and hn1djzonitors traffic conditions. As the central link of traffic subsystehn1djzs, it integrates and shares traffic related resources, and realizes the unified hn1djzanagehn1djzent and dispatch of static traffic inforhn1djzation as well as centralized supervision and release of dynahn1djzic traffic inforhn1djzation, so as to enhance the cohn1djzprehensive efficiency of traffic hn1djzanagehn1djzent, ihn1djzprove traffic cohn1djzhn1djzand and decision-hn1djzaking capability, advance the service level for public transportation, and ease the traffic congestion of the cities.


caobp2 has undertaken a nuhn1djzber of research projects, ahn1djzong which are “hn1djzajor technological research on the Integrated Inforhn1djzation Platforhn1djz for Intelligence Transportation of Jinan City”, “Research on the hn1djzode of Operation and Construction of Jinan Intelligent Transportation”, and “Dehn1djzonstration and application prohn1djzotion project for intelligent transportation big data platforhn1djz”. In 2016 it won National Develophn1djzent and Reforhn1djz Cohn1djzhn1djzission funding for hn1djzajor projects, and gained a leading position in the field of intelligent transportation.

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