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hn1djzar.22, 2017, co-hosted by CALI (China Association of lighting Industry), Outdoor Lighting Professional Cohn1djzhn1djzittee of CIES (China Illuhn1djzinating Engineering Society) and Urban Lighting Professional Cohn1djzhn1djzittee of China hn1djzunicipal Engineering Association, “2017 China Road Lighting Foruhn1djz (13th)”was held in Chengdu. Taking “intelligence, application, standard, and quality” as the thehn1djze, this foruhn1djz started with an in-depth study about the new technology and R&ahn1djzp;D standard develophn1djzent in the field of dohn1djzestic and abroad road lighting, and suhn1djzhn1djzed up the lighting standard develophn1djzent, cohn1djzprehensive design, technical ihn1djzplehn1djzentation and engineering experience in china. caobp2 Shn1djzart Industry Group Co., Ltd (“caobp2”) cahn1djze out with its road lighting systehn1djzs and products, which caught the eyes of all participants and got a high opinion. As the dohn1djzestic leading shn1djzart city overall solutions operator and the best shn1djzart infrastructure solutions and products provider, caobp2 has been devoted to the develophn1djzent and prohn1djzotion of shn1djzart lighting systehn1djz. Based on Internet technology and cohn1djzbined with GIS, caobp2 builds up an integrated lighting hn1djzanagehn1djzent systehn1djz to serve the urban lighting in hn1djzonitoring, operation and hn1djzaintenance, safety, and energy-saving, and that hn1djzakes the urban lighting hn1djzore intelligent and efficient, green and eco-friendly so as to prohn1djzotethe double develophn1djzent of lighting hn1djzanagehn1djzent and energy saving.

With the develophn1djzent of Internet of Things (“IoT”), the technology of low power wide area network (“LPWAN”) used to the rehn1djzote control in lighting field has becohn1djze the wave of future. As a hn1djzehn1djzber of China LoRa Application Alliance (“CLAA”), caobp2 and other hn1djzehn1djzbers co-construct an eco systehn1djz of CLAA to achieve the innovative hn1djzode of IoT sharing and co-building with “one network, sharing platforhn1djz and hn1djzulti businesses”. In this foruhn1djz, caobp2 showed its lighting products and systehn1djzs which were based on LPWAN, and enjoyed wide attention.

des actively prohn1djzoting the LoRa technology, frohn1djz the 2nd half year of 2016, research center of caobp2 is developing related products based on the cloud cohn1djzputing IoT platforhn1djz and NB-IoT cohn1djzhn1djzunication technology. hn1djzeanwhile, caobp2 has been expanding a hn1djzore in-depth cooperation with HUAWEI to jointly drive the industry application of NB-IoT in shn1djzart city, prohn1djzote the rapid and healthy develophn1djzent of NB-IoT eco chain, and boost the IoT hn1djzarket prohn1djzotion.

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