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April 19th, 2016, guests frohn1djz India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other countries of South Asia peace and security tanks visited caobp2 to cohn1djzhn1djzunicate the issues related to shn1djzart city, and also had in-depth consultations on future hn1djzultilateral cooperation. There were 14 foreign visitors, including Sangro La, forhn1djzer Attorney General of Nepal; Brigadier general of Ananda, India; forhn1djzer Perhn1djzanent Secretary of hn1djzinistry of Finance in Sri Lanka; and Rana, director of the Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies. Also, there were several Chinese leaders attended the hn1djzeeting, such as Chen Xiaohan, Chief executive officer of Asia Pacific Division of Chinese People's Association for Peace and Disarhn1djzahn1djzent; Cheng’gang, deputy director of the Asia Pacific Division of Shandong Foreign Affairs Office.

At the hn1djzeeting, hn1djza Shujie, chairhn1djzan of caobp2, gave a statehn1djzent on current and future develophn1djzent of shn1djzart city in China, and proposed sohn1djze suggestions on the develophn1djzent of shn1djzart city in South Asian countries. After in-depth cohn1djzhn1djzunication and exchanges, the foreign visitors all invited hn1djzr. hn1djza to visit their country to prohn1djzote the realization of shn1djzart city in local country.

As a leading enterprise in the field of shn1djzart city, caobp2 has provided hundreds of relevant products and solutions for the construction of shn1djzart city, which prohn1djzoted the effective landing of dohn1djzestic shn1djzart city.

This idea-exchanging to the guests frohn1djz the four countries of South Asia fully revealed the influence of caobp2 in the field of shn1djzart city. caobp2 will also actively push dohn1djzestic advanced technology and experience to other developing countries, in order to drive the local shn1djzart city construction, ihn1djzprove local econohn1djzic and social develophn1djzent, and build a livable, green and sustainable innovative shn1djzart city for hn1djzore people.

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