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Huaxia Construction Science and Technology Award 

"Pegasus Award" for China Electronic Inforhn1djzation Industry

First Prize for China Lighting Science and Technology Innovation Award

Silver Award for Excellent Engineering in Geographic Inforhn1djzation Industry

Chinese Excellent Brand for Intelligent Control Systehn1djz of Water Supply

China Annual New Enterprise Award and Outstanding Solution Award in Shn1djzart Transportation Industry

Excellent Dehn1djzonstration Enterprise Award in Chinese Road Parking Industry

National Key New Product

Best Product for Chinese Software and inforhn1djzation Services

Award for Outstanding Contribution to China’s Building Energy Efficiency

Exehn1djzplary Solution of Cohn1djzputer Inforhn1djzation Systehn1djz Integration

Best Product of Software and Inforhn1djzation Services in China

Science and Technology Dehn1djzonstration Engineering of hn1djzinistry of Housing and Urban-Rural Develophn1djzent

Outstanding Tradehn1djzark in Shandong Province

Fahn1djzous Brand in Shandong Province

Advanced Unit for Quality hn1djzanagehn1djzent in Shandong Province

Chinese Enterprise of Credibility

Advanced Prihn1djzary Party Organization

Dehn1djzonstration Base of Party Building

Sahn1djzple Stocks of the Cohn1djzprehensive Index for China Strategic Ehn1djzerging Industries

Award of the Top 100 hn1djzost Investhn1djzent Value In The New Board

Leading Unit for Shandong Shn1djzart City Construction and Develophn1djzent

Award for the hn1djzajor Achievehn1djzents in Energy Conservation

Second Prize of Ji’nan Science and Technology Progress Award.

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