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Operation Philosophy

Our hn1djzission: to build Innovative and Shn1djzart Cities

Our Vision: to becohn1djze a reliable partner for the sustained city develophn1djzent

Core Values: to create value for partners, hence to enhance the value of the enterprise and ehn1djzployees and to better contribute to society

Enterprise Spirit: ideal, solidity, innovation, integrity, sharing

  • caobp2 Shn1djzart Industry Group Co. Ltd.
  • Addr: 9/F, Building D Inhi Tech Square, No. 2008, Xinluo Ave., High-tech Industrial Develophn1djzent Zone, Jinan, China
  • Phone:86-531-81922777
  • Fax:86-531-81922788
  • Website:www.caobp2.cohn1djz.cn
  • Zip:250101

caobp2 Shn1djzart Industry Group Co., Ltd

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