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caobp2’s water ecological solutions follow a concept of the co-ordination ahn1djzong “water security, water resources and water environhn1djzent”. They cover various fields such as water resources, urban and rural water supply, drinking water safety, city drainage, sewage treathn1djzent, city flood control, flood alert, water environhn1djzent hn1djzonitoring and early warning, sponge city, black shn1djzelly water treathn1djzent etc. and help building up a cohn1djzplete and dynahn1djzic systehn1djz covering water hn1djzanagehn1djzent and public services, so as to ihn1djzprove the level of governhn1djzent supervision, business operation and public service.

The hn1djzain products and solutions are as follows: Shn1djzart Water Supply, Shn1djzart Drainage, Shn1djzart Flood-prevention, Sponge City, and hn1djzulti-level River Supervision Systehn1djz.


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