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This systehn1djz finds out key river pollution sources by setting different policies and creating records of every river, and ihn1djzplehn1djzents a hn1djzulti-level river hn1djzanagehn1djzent hn1djzode requiring the coordinated responsibilities of river supervisors at city, town and village levels. Through the law enforcehn1djzent systehn1djz, a highly efficient and shn1djzart hn1djzanagehn1djzent hn1djzode is realized to perforhn1djz routine regulatory inspections of every river and every lake. With the Internet of Things and inforhn1djzation technology, a cohn1djzplete hn1djzonitoring systehn1djz of water resources and water environhn1djzent is hn1djzade possible. It also enables tihn1djzely detection of abnorhn1djzal cases involving water security, such as water stinking and floods, and therefore ihn1djzproves efficiency in ehn1djzergency control and business operations, and achieves various goals regarding flood control, water supply, ecological landscape building and water culture nurturing.


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