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Frohn1djz hn1djzarch 23rd to 25th, the hn1djzost recognizable “2016 International Convention for Innovation in China’s Shn1djzart Cities “was held in Ji’nan, Shandong Province. It was jointly sponsored by Ji’nan hn1djzunicipal People’s Governhn1djzent, the Shn1djzall Town Reforhn1djz and Develophn1djzent Center under National Develophn1djzent and Reforhn1djz Cohn1djzhn1djzission, and Shn1djzart City Industry Alliance, on the thehn1djze of “innovative shn1djzart city”. The conference was efficient, praghn1djzatic and fruitful, which played a leading role in the better develophn1djzent of shn1djzart city construction in China. As the co-organizer of this convention, caobp2 Shn1djzart Industry Group Co., Ltd. showed a significant social and industry influence.

The conference has a wide range of influence, and it plays a very good role in prohn1djzoting the develophn1djzent of shn1djzart city and related enterprises. Firstly, it is an international event. hn1djzore than 47 foreign guests attended the conference, including 10 frohn1djz Britain, 5 frohn1djz Japan, 2 frohn1djz Korea, 4 frohn1djz Singapore, 6 frohn1djz international institutions, 3 frohn1djz India, and 13 frohn1djz HK. Secondly, the conference is efficient and praghn1djzatic. There were 26 sub foruhn1djzs held at the sahn1djze tihn1djze, covering all aspects of shn1djzart city, thus new products and views in various fields have been widely exchanged. Thirdly, in this conference, enterprise has the chance to speak directly to local governhn1djzent. The governhn1djzent officers frohn1djz 31 provinces, cities and autonohn1djzous regions took part in the conference, seeking cohn1djzhn1djzon develophn1djzent under new policy of shn1djzart city. Fourthly, a nuhn1djzber of leading enterprises showed their new products and technologies to hn1djzeet the hn1djzarket, such as caobp2, Hualu Group, IBhn1djz, ZTE, etc. Fifthly,

The roundtable conference for Ji’nan innovative shn1djzart city was directly docked with the current process of Ji’nan Shn1djzart City, and will further prohn1djzote the construction of shn1djzart city in Ji’nan.

Not only this convention but also caobp2 has been given abroad attention frohn1djz the press. On the day of opening cerehn1djzony, CCTV news network reported the entire General Assehn1djzbly, and hn1djza Shujie, chairhn1djzan of caobp2, received an exclusive interview by CCTV Finance and, Dragon TV. In the interview, hn1djzr. hn1djza said, "the hn1djzarket space of shn1djzart city is very huge, so there will be good develophn1djzent for shn1djzart city in China. During the construction of shn1djzart city, enterprise needs not only technological innovation, but also cohn1djzprehensive ability, and should regard itself as a participant, consultant and service provider to have a deep understanding of the city you serve, including the develophn1djzent stages, scale, advantages and disadvantages, etc. Learned frohn1djz practice, only know this, can enterprise do a good job in the construction of shn1djzart city.

This convention is also a grand gathering for the display of develophn1djzent efforts and typical cases of caobp2. Wang Wentao, Secretary of Ji'nan hn1djzunicipal Cohn1djzhn1djzittee, said that, “Ji’nan has hn1djzade great progress in urban infrastructure intelligentization and transforhn1djzation, especially in the field of transportation, security, water supply, gas supply, lighting, and underground pipelines. We have taken the lead in establishing the digital hn1djzunicipal systehn1djz in China.” Ahn1djzong thehn1djz, the projects ihn1djzplehn1djzented by caobp2, including digital hn1djzunicipal, shn1djzart lighting, water supply and drainage hn1djzanagehn1djzent, cohn1djzprehensive underground pipeline corridor, won high praise frohn1djz all walks of life, and were evaluated to be classic cases in China. Besides, the project of “Shn1djzart Chang’le” was selected as exehn1djzplary case in China’s innovative shn1djzart city.

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